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Alpina is a brand that has a long tradition, since 1952 in fact,
manufacturing underwear for the day and night.
Alpina embraces a wide range of classic and fashion products.
Tradition, continuity and style are the requirements
that have characterised underwear, pyjamas and homewear for many years.
The primary mission of the brand is to satisfy
a wide range of customers through the best price-quality ratio.


Alpina develops day and night underwear collections for men and women, to which the latest homewear and beachwear proposals have been added.
Alpina has four collections: Lady Notte, Notte Birikina, Uomo Notte and Intimo Continuativo. Each one has specific features, all of them combining important industrial know-how with a very innovative vision in the proposal.
An innovation, which is not the superficial appeal of fashion but is the constant changing of the development of fabrics, models and shapes, while always maintaining the required focus on our main values: Continuity and Quality


Intimo continuativo Boglietti
is a collection of essential articles
that you are never without in the wardrobe.
Our offer is immediately available
with 24/48-hour delivery.
100% cotton or mixed fibre essential
and primary articles for any need,
in different colours and in every size